Fashionometer : Our 10 Instagram Arab Fashionistas Crushes

Arab Fashionistas

Our Top 10 Arab Fashionistas below:


Arab Fashionistas The Fierce Nay

The young Nadya Hasan, from UAE, founded The Fierce Diaries. Each of her beautiful look shows that she lives and breathes fashion. She is mixing both high street and luxury high end brand and we adore it!



Arab Fashionistas Ascia
The hybrid Kuwaiti American Ascia is today one of the most influential fashion voices and we totally understood the reason when we discover her profile. Her looks are always so sophisticated and harmonised, that you can just admire her! 



Arab Fashionistas Dalalid

Since Dalal Al-Doub created her blog, she became Dalalid. Today, she is one of the most influential bloggers in Kuwait thanks to her fabulous and creative style. Furthermore, Dalalid’s most important goal is to empower women, so we do not have others choice than just loving her!



Arab Fashionistas Rosemin

Rosemin brings elegance to every outfits she wears. She is this kind of women that all of us would like to become: an entrepreneur, a brand ambassador and the founder of a women's empowerment group. Just a pleasure when we saw that she wears our batwing!



Arab Fashionistas Dana

Dana from Tel Aviv is the founder of Dandy-Z which is the story of her journey in the world of fashion and lifestyle. We really liked her mantra “My Closet is Messy and My Dreams are Big enough to scare Me” !



Arab Fashionistas Zahra Lyla

Zahra Lyla from Dubai studied at the prestigious Central Saint Martin and London College of Fashion. Her passion for the Arts and Fashion is reflected in her taste and attitude. We really appreciate her style!



Arab Fashionistas Natalia Shustova

Wahou...! Nothing more to say when we discover Natalia Shustova’s Instagram account. Full of colors, originality and silhouettes with volumes, she has a real identity and expresses it perfectly in her clothing. We love it!



Arab Fashionistas Desert Mannequin

By the day, Anum Bashir is working for the Qatar Museums and by night, she is managing her blog: Desert Mannequin. This businesswoman from Qatar has a real taste for fashion!



Arab Fashionistas Mrs Keepa

This French Egyptian girl based in Dubai is the fashion designer of MrsKeepa. Her style is full of originality and taste, congratulations!



Arab Fashionistas Ola Farahat

Ola Farahat has a real style and femininity is always present in her outfit. She has captured the world’s attention with her wardrobe and style from Dubai, we adore her!



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May Playlist

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6 Best Souvenirs from London for your entourage and you!

6 Best Souvenirs from London for your entourage and you!


London is a really beautiful city to visit and that’s why it is one of the world's top tourist destinations. The British capital offers so many different activities to do from fashion arts, architectural beauties, royal palaces, shopping and rock music. More than a city it is a real city that you discover! For sure, you could spend many days exploring London but at one point you need to go back home…

Souvenir shopping is the stop you can’t miss when you travel and even more Souvenirs from London as there is so many beautiful things to find. We did a selection of the 6 Best Souvenirs from London to bring back home for your entourage and most importantly for you! ;)


Here is your Oxford Street map with the best place to shop:



Souvenirs from London

London design Top by Twist X Turn for you

Tea by T2 Tea for your mum

Dark Blue Wool Pullover United Colors of Benetton for your father

British Paddigton bear for your little brother or sister

Paul Smith Polo for your boyfriend

Lush Cosmetics your best friends

Top 5 Best Girly Cocktail receipts

Top 5 Best Girly Cocktail Receipts to stay hydrated this week-end!

To get-together with your girl's friend or during a barbecue with your family, Twist X Turn gives you its 5 best girly cocktail receipts. Easy to make, fresh and elegant, you will be able to realise those cocktails by yourself and impress your friends.



During a barbecue with your family: Grapefruit-Ginger Bourbon Sour

best girly cocktail

Grate a little bit of ginger and mix with fresh 1/4 cup lime juice and 1 teaspoon sugar. Pour the mix in 1 cup of Grapefruit juice, followed by 1 shot Bourbon then add a little of bit of water.


To prepare for a nice evening dinner: Spiced Pear Gin Fizz

best girly cocktail

Chop up a pear into small pieces, mix with ½ egg white, 1 tablespoon of fresh lemon juice and 1 teaspoon of brown sugar. In a shaker, pour 1 shot of gin and ½ club soda then add the mix. Shake well with some ice. Serve in a cocktail glass.



Part of an appetizer with your colleagues: Fresh Pear Cocktail

best girly cocktail

In a shaker, add some pear slices and 1 tablespoon of pomegranate juice. Mix with 1 tablespoon of Agave syrup, 1 tablespoon of lime juice, 3 tablespoons of apple cider then add some sparkling water. Pour in 1 shot of citrus-infused vodka and shake well before serving in a tumbler.



Get-together with your girl's friend: Rose Caipirinha

best girly cocktail

For Sure the Best Girly Cocktail is pink! For the receipt: Muddle 1 sliced lime with 1 teaspoon of sugar, fill the glass with ice, pour in 1 shot each of rum and rose syrup. Stir.


During a chill afternoon with your friends: Blackberry & Meyer Lemon Gin & Tonics

best girly cocktail

Crush 5 blackberries, a few mint leaves then mix with 1 tablespoon of lemon juice and 1 teaspoon of  syrup. Add 1/2 tonic water into the mix. Pour 1 shot of gin, and stir.

Red Carpet Look: How to dress to be the stairs?

 Red Carpet Look by Twist X Turn

A red carpet look is always admired all around the world! And what if you have to go up the stairs? Twist X Turn shows you how to dress for the Red Carpet.

red carpet look looks cannes

The Transparent Ruffle Top - Twist X Turn

An Embellished pencil skirt - Dolce and Gabbana

A Pointy Toe Pump - Christian Louboutin

A Mini Bow Clutch - Victoria Beckham

A Black & Gold Bracelet - Isabel Marant

Earrings - Marni

Fashion Collage - When art ‎meets Twist X Turn #‎9

Fashion Collage

Batwing dress from Collection SS16


fashion collage

Top 10 Statement Red Carpet Dresses

red carpet dresses cannes

Cannes Festival is this week, for the occasion we did a selection of the most beautiful Red Carpet Dresses from the past years. We choose the dress following the Twist X Turn codes meaning monochrome, elegancy, structured silhouettes, black and white.



Top 10 Prettiest Red Carpet Dresses

Red Carpet Dress Natasha Poly

Our favourite look from Natasha Poly, elegant and original, this dress is everything.


Red Carpet Dress Blake Lively

Black and White, as elegant as a princess, Blake Lively we have nothing to add!


Red Carpet Dress Karlie Kloos

Karlie Kloos killed it in Cannes last year with her unstructured dress.


Red Carpet Dress Doutzen Kroes

Nothing is more charming and sophisticated than a simple structured white dress.


Red Carpet Dress Joan Smalls
Finally a dress more modern with this mesh fabric, thank you Joan Smalls who dared it on the red carpet 2015.


Red Carpet Dress Carey Mulligan

If Twist x Turn has to create a dress for the red carpet, it would have been this one, Carey Mulligan was looking fabulous in 2013


Red Carpet Dress Alessandra Ambrosio

We couldn’t do this ranking without adding a sparkled dress, Alessandra Ambrosio chose the perfect one.


Red Carpet Dress Natasha Poly

Mesh is part of Twist X Turn identity, so @Natasha Poly needed to be part of this ranking a second time for this wonderful dress.


Red Carpet Dress Sarah

Black is always the best for the red carpet and ever more when the design is perfectly different.


Red Carpet Dress Marion Cotillard

Marion Cotillard is always beautiful for her venue on the Red Carpet, her ruffles long back dress was perfect!

Fashion Collage - When art ‎meets Twist X Turn ‪#‎8

Fashion Collage

Ruffles Top from SS16 Collection



fashion collage

Essential clothing pieces to have in your wardrobe

Top 7 Essential clothing pieces to have in your wardrobe

The basics that every girls should have! We always need some clothing pieces that match with any other clothes or accessorises. For us, the Essential clothing should be well-cut, good quality and simple but elegant pieces.



essential clothing

1. A good quality coat is a must have. No matter how cold the next London winter will be, you know you will be nice and warm.

            - Wool cashmere coat by acne studio..


2. You need one top you can wear night or day, to work or to meet your friends in.

            - Transparent Ruffles Top by twistxturn


3. A black leather skirt adds an edge to your wardrobe.

            - Studded textured-leather mini skirt by mcqalexandermcqueen


4. Simple, yet distinguished design is what you have to look for in sunglasses.

            - Dior Technologic by dior


5. You also need a signature scent that defines the stylish person you are.

            - Florabellio Eau de Toilette by diptyque


6. A fashionable clutch can be worn both during the day or night.

            -  Marble print clutch by balenciaga


7. It is also a must to have a pair of statement boots to show your fine taste.

            - Tabi boots by maisonmartinmargiela

Topshop Cambridge: We are arriving!

topshop cambridge

Twist X Turn is arriving in Grafton Center Topshop Cambridge!

Established in Topshop London since 2 years, we are looking forward to present you our collection in Topshop Cambridge.


our iconic designs 



 for the ones you want to see in Topshop Cambridge.


1. Striped Honeycomb Skirt

topshop cambridge



2.  Ribbon Longback

topshop cambridge



3. Raw Edge Honeycomb Skirt

topshop cambridge



4. Mandarin Check Batwing

topshop cambridge



5. Organdy Grid Batwing

topshop cambridge