Best Books to tan with at the Beach

bookBest Books to read while getting tan at the beach

Holidays are arriving and that means bundles of time to work on the perfect tan. If you need some entertainment while you lay for hours in the sun, why not grab a book? These 6 Best Books will keep you flipping pages until your tan is beyond perfect!


Books to tan


Fangirl is based on an introverted teenage girl Cath, attending her first year in college. Her dad is bipolar and her twin sister is rapidly developing a drinking problem. On top of that she is falling in love with her roommate's ex-boyfriend. Everything perfect to start a good story.


Books to tan

Looking for Alaska by JOHN GREEN.

Miles Halter is tired of his boring life and decides to attend a boarding school in hope of finding something more. There he meets Alaska Young, a beautiful and emotionally unstable girl, who hesitates to return the feelings that Miles develops for her.


Books to tan

Beautiful Ruins by JESS WALTER.

This story is about a young Italian innkeeper who provides hospitality to a beautiful American actress. What follows is a deep, dazzling, whirlwind of events spanning 50 years about flawed yet fascinating people, clinging on to their improbable dreams.


Books to tan

Eleanor & Park by RAINBOW ROWELL.

This is a story of two star-crossed misfits that learn that they have a lot more in common than meets the eye. Eleanor & Park follows dual narratives. With Eleanor, a chubby tomboyish caucasian girl with red hair, and half-korean Park. They meet for the first time on a school bus and connect through comic books and mixtapes.


Books to tan

Anna and the French Kiss by STEPHANIE PERKINS.

Anna Ophilant is a senior in high school forced to leave Atlanta to attend boarding school in Paris. She’s depressed in leaving behind her best friend, a great job, and her long-time crush. Luckily, at her new school, Anna has no trouble developing friendships and the want for something more.


Books to tan

The Fault in Our Stars by JOHN GREEN.

Hazel Grace Lancaster is a 16-year old girl with thyroid cancer. She is forced by her parents to attend a support group full of kids with cancer. There, she meets 17-year old Augustus Waters, an ex-basketball player and amputee. Gradually, they fall in love and share memories that will last an eternity.

6 Nail Art Trends to follow


Minimalist but still different? Try those 6 Nail Art Trends and your fingertips will be about to be super trendy!

Nail art is famous for being difficult to do at home. But for those styles you just need tape and nail polish. Now get painting!


1. Painter Nails

Nail Art Trends Painter Nails

Reveal your inner artistic skills! Just a simple brush stroke on your nails and the result can be truly amazing. 

You should definitely go for the "Painter Nails" style.


2. Black Lines

Nail Art Trends Black Lines

Simple Black Lines are a really good options if you want to keep it simple!


3. Gold Details

Nail Art Trends Gold Details

Going out tonight? Elegant with a minimal touch, nothing is better than this Gold Line on the centre of your nails.


4. Vertical Silver

Nail Art Trends Vertical Silver

Natural and discrete like you? This Nail Art is made for you!


5. Black & White Pier Mondrian's

Nail Art Trends Pier Mondrian'

Inspired from Pier Mondrian's most famous painting, this Nail Art Trends will be soon on the nails of each it-girl!


6. Green Manucure

Nail Art Trends Green Manucure

French manicure with unconventional colors. Break the rules, girls!

French manicure no longer need to be in white. Go for green, purple or electric blue for a unique look.  


SPOTTED Olivia Palermo

Bardot Collar Olivia Palermo

 Olivia Palermo is a symbol of femininity and style in the fashion sphere. She adopts the Bardot Collar since 1 year and can not stop wearing it now! Twist X Turn reinvents this fashion statement with mesh and a shirt collar.
Available at Topshop Oxford Circus.

Discover 7 Trendy London Fashion Brands

fbDiscover 7 Trendy London Fashion Brands

London is the place to discover new designer during fashion weeks but also in its daily life. There is so many Fashion Schools in the area that many new talents stay there to start their own brand. Today, there are many High Street Fashion Labels that originated in London, and we select the 7 London Fashion Brands which reflects the most the London Style.

1. Miss Selfridge

Miss Selfridge London Fashion Brands

Miss Selfridge began as the young fashion section in London’s Selfridges department store in 1966. Today, you can find both casual and designer clothing of various fabrics and prints, some more expensive than others. Miss Selfridge will have something for every occasion.

2.Twist X Turn

London Fashion Brands Twist X Turn
Although a relatively new brand, Twist X Turn has found its home at TOPSHOP London Oxford Circus, and regularly sells as the top concession brand. With a focus on unique, timeless, high street fashion, Twist X Turn offers quality at an affordable price.

3. Monsoon

London Fashion Brands Monsoon
Looking for something quirky? Yes? Then Monsoon’s collection of vintage-based apparel will be perfect for you. Monsoon takes inspiration from the Middle East while mix-and-matching prints and sourcing fabrics from India and Afghanistan. There are tons of unique pieces to check out here.

4. Warehouse

London Fashion Brands Warehouse
At Warehouse you will find cute, well-tailored, and stylish pieces to help you build that cool yet effortless look. Warehouse will show you the ‘art’ of clothing with its many designs and affordable prices.

5. Motel

London Fashion Brands Motel

Going to a music festival? Motel offers bold, print-happy music festive gear. Available in all sizes and fairly cheap in comparison with the other brands on this list.

6. Oasis

Oasis London Fashion BrandsThink of Oasis as the more mature older sister to Warehouse. Shop well-designed and extremely detailed pieces that are viable for more than just one occasion. Oasis is a world of pretty prints, bright colours and beautiful accessories. Even Duchess Kate shops here!!

7. Dorothy Perkins

London Fashion Brands Dorothy Perkins

When Dorothy Perkins opened up in 1919, the brand caused quite a stir with their five-shilling blouses. Nowadays, Dorothy Perkins runs nearly 600 stores in UK alone and looks to provide affordable and up-to-style fashion for all kinds of tastes and lifestyles.

Glastonbury Top Picks 2016

Glaston Top Picks

Glaston is coming! See our picks from each stage.



If you are a fan of The Beatle’s psychedelic stuff, you’ll love this band. The good news is they have just released a new album last year and it’s so good!



N.O. is one of the most iconic New Wave bands and one of our favourite bands! We are so lucky they are still touring after 30 years in the music scene.





JOHN PEEL STAGE : Bat For Lashes








AVALON STAGE : This Is The Kit
If you like folky kind of feel, head to Avalon Stage for This Is The Kit. Let Kate Stables cozy singing voice warm you up for this festival.

Find your Dad's Zodiac Sign? Find here his Father's Day Gift!

Father's Day Gift

Find your Dad's Zodiac Sign? Find here his Father's Day Gift!

Regarding the principal personality characteristics of each zodiac sign, we choose the gift that will matches the most with them!

Father's Day is arriving soon, this top 12 gifts can give you some ideas.

Click on the picture to have the link of the e-shop to find the perfect Father's Day Gift.


Father's Day Gift Shaving Kit

Cancer are famous for being sensitive. A nice shaving kit would be a perfect gift for them!


Father's Day Gift iPhone Case

Aquarius are innovate and love new technology. An elegant iPhone Case will be perfect to adorn their last iPhone.


Father's Day Gift Porsche

Capricorns like to cultivate themselves. A beautiful book about beautiful cars, nothing would interest them better!



Father's Day Gift Kway

Taurus are always stylish, a new jacket from the iconic French brand Kway would become their new fav. clothe


Father's Day Gift Veja

Gemini are dynamic people. A pair of stylish sneakers is the perfect option to move comfortably but always with style!



Father's Day Gift Coffee

Leo have a "nature" side, they enjoy good food and beverages.

For sure, they would appreciate a really good coffee.


Father's Day Gift Health Watch

Aries are dynamics, a smart health watch would be a nice gadget for them. 


Father's Day Gift Perfume

Pisces are well-known for being sensual, an iconic perfume is the best gift for them.


Father's Day Gift Bag

Virgo are creative people, they carry with them all their papers and drawings.

A trendy canvas bag will follow them everywhere!



Father's Day Gift Scarf

Libras like to look good, so we choose a nice scarf to accessorise any of their outfits.


Father's Day Gift Helmet

Scorpios like be free and move by themselves so a new helmet would accompanied them.


Father's Day Gift Watch

All the Sagittarius are Adventurous! A Watch would be their best friend and ever more if it is a stylish Daniel Wellington.




Your 10 original swimwear list for this summer



Your 10 original swimwear list for this summer

The 10 original swimwear we would wear under the sun and we think you should too! Mixing your beach outfit with funny patterns, art pieces and colors is the must have for this summer 2016. From COS to Mara Hoffman, these swimsuits will not let you down:



 Hologram original swimwear

Batogo Hologram Swimsuit - £28

This swimsuit will turn heads when you walk on the beach.


Original Swimwear COS

Colorblock Swimwear by COS - £35

A Pastel Colorblock Swimsuit is the basic to have in your luggage.


Original Swimwear Banana

Banana Swimsuit by Kling 

Who doesn’t love banana patterns?  If you wanna be follow 2016 trends even on the beach, a fruits patterns swimwear would be perfect!


Original Swimwear

Misun Reversible Swimsuit by Mara Hoffman - £138

When you want to see Art everywhere in your life and even on your swimwear, you should definitely go for this colorful one piece. 


Sunset Original Swimwear

Scallop Swimsuit by Marysia- £223

Keep it cute and simple with this 80's inspiration swimsuit.


Seventh Wonderland

Hulie Marble Swimsuit by Seventh Wonderland  - £104

This is for every Marble lovers out there.


Original Swimwear Lake and stars

Minimal Swimwear by The Lake and Stars

A touch of fun and art with those finger prints will make the difference on the beach.


Original Swimwear ModetrotterSwimsuit by Modetrotter  - 80 Euros

This statement swimsuit is really hard to ignore.


Original Swimwear COS

 Bikini by COS - Top £19 Bottom £17

We are all agrees on less is more so you can do no wrong in this all white bikini from COS.


Original Swimwear The third row

Seagal and Fries Swimsuit 

Isn’t it cute? Seagal and fries prints just perfect for your summer!



Wear a Transparent Batwing from Twist X Turn above your Original Swimwear and you are ready!





Batwing Top Silhouette

Batwing Top Silhouette from our Designer office

Drawing Batwing Top Silhouette

Silhouette wearing our iconic Batwing Top with flower collar


Tourist in London: 7 Fashion stores you can’t miss

Tourists in London: Top 7 Fashion stores you can’t miss


Map Tourist in London


Located on the corner of Oxford Street is the country’s largest TOPSHOP, and for good reason. This massive 3 floor attraction offers sections dedicated to accessories, nails, and vintage clothing, while at the same time upholding established and upcoming designer brands. With reasonable pricing and a huge collection of apparel, it’s not unusual to see keen customers lining up early in the morning waiting for this iconic shop to open. Twist X Turn is at TOPSHOP Oxford street on the concession floor.

2. Harrod's

Considered Britain’s most famous store, Harrods is a must-visit for tourists and locals alike. For over 160 years, Harrods has been a provider of excellent service and offers exquisite merchandise such as food, fashion, technology, and others. With 7 floors and more than 300 departments, Harrods has something for everyone.

3. Harvey Nichols

Harvey Nichols started out as a simple linen shop in 1813. Today, this retail store offers top-of-the-line designer fashion, furnishings, as well as a floor dedicated solely to bars and restaurants. If you’re looking for somewhere to shop, eat, and spot some celebrities, Harvey Nichols is the place for you.

4. Fortnum and Mason

With over 300 years of history, Fortnum and Mason remains the purveyor of food and wine to the Royal Family. Despite being famed for its exquisite food hall, Fortnum and Mason also stocks solid collections of accessories, perfumes, and homeware. If you’re looking for a gift, you know where to go! All the merchandise on sale in this luxury store come so beautifully packaged you won’t even want to open it.

5. Selfridges & Co.

Dominating the west end of Oxford Street is Selfridges & Co, a mecca for shopaholics. The shop offers 10 acres of shopping space contained in 6 floors, as well as restaurants, exhibition halls and countless services. Selfridges & Co’s continuously changing window displays are always very interesting and often times controversial, never ceasing to attract customers.

6. Marks and Spencer

Regarded as one of Britain’s most reliable stores, Marks and Spencer now boasts more than 400 stores worldwide. Famed for selling high quality clothing for women, men and children alike, Marks and Spencer also offers food and household goods at a consistently high standard. You won’t be disappointed with what you find at Marks and Spencer.

7. Liberty

Liberty is one of the most unique and pleasant stores in London. Since its opening in 1875, Liberty has captured the attention of shoppers worldwide with its rich heritage and cutting-edge designs. The store offers 5 floors of luxurious products in areas such as apparel, accessories, beauty products, and homeware, making each a visit a voyage of discovery.

Fashion Collage - When art ‎meets Twist X Turn ‪#10

Fashion Collage

Jumpsuit from SS16 Collection


Weekly Art #10