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10 Things NOT to do on a first date

Going on a first date can be extremely nerve wracking, especially if it’s your first date ever. The key to successful dating is to be honest. Be yourself, whoever that may be. If the person likes who you are, then you’re already on the right track. With that said, first impressions are still extremely important. Here are some things you should avoid on your first date to make sure you get that phone call for your second.

1. Being late

Being LateWhat’s just as valuable as money? Time. That’s why you should treat your date’s time as preciously as your own. It’s also a sign of respect to be punctual. If you are running late, let your date know right away. Hopefully that’s before you’re supposed to there.

2. Acting uninterested or entitled

Acting uninterestedRelationships involve give and take. Sure, you were asked out, but don’t feel all special and entitled because of it. Your untouchable attitude will make your date awkward and take the fun out of it. Plus, your date knows that there are other fish out there. Look, if you said yes, chances are you like him too, so open up!

3. Dressing too down or up

Dressing too upShowing up in yoga clothes to a fancy sushi dinner may alert your date that you are unstable or simply don’t care about how you look. This is a huge turn off. If you’re unsure about the formality, simply ask. Avoid creating unwanted attention by being prepared.

4. Being gross

Being GrossEven if you’re not used to being feminine and careful, do your best. Make sure not to do things such as belching, picking your nose, or farting. For your meal, avoid ordering a messy dish or a dish with a ton of bones. Some fancy dining etiquette may help too!

5. Talking about yourself endlessly

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAR3AAAAJDMwZTE5ZTc1LTBiYzgtNDgyNC04MDg4LTZhM2U1MzgxNTkzMwIt’s great to have confidence in who you are. Nevertheless, it’s even more attractive to use actions instead of words. Let your actions show your confidence. When you can’t stop rambling on about yourself, you come off as selfish and conceited.

6. Dragging your luggage along

Problems-In-LifeThis one’s common sense for most people. No talking about anti-depressants or prescription drugs. No talking about money troubles or an abusive mother. All that stuff can wait till later, much later.

7. Mentioning desire for marriage or kids

Mentioning desire for marriage or kidsNever talk about things like getting married or having kids on your first date. Dating is a process that takes time. Talking about such serious topics can make your date feel uncomfortable. He might even just run away after that.

8. Paying partial attention

Paying partial attentionIf there was ever a time to focus, it’s now. That doesn’t just mean listening, but also understanding and remembering. Focus on your date, not your phone. Nothing is more annoying than trying to make conversation with someone with their face surgically attached to their phone. If you can’t control yourself, how about turn your phone off for a change?

9. Getting wasted

Getting_WastedA first date is meant for introduction and getting to know each other. Having to be carried home by a guy you just met isn’t classy. Neither is puking in the cab. Sure, a couple of drinks can be fun and loosen you up, but remember to know your limits and stick to them.

10. Looking elsewhere

Looking_ElsewhereOne of the most important things while going on a date is to give your date your undivided attention. That means no staring at the handsome bachelor that just walked in the restaurant. That means no peeking at the next charming guy you walk by on the street. That’s a deal breaker for just about every guy out there.