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Life Changing Movies

The best inspirational movies leave an unforgettable impression on the viewer. These movies put you in the shoes of hardship, love, and perseverance. Hopefully, they give you a new perspective on your own life, as well as the lives of others. With no further ado, let us begin.

1. American Beauty


Lester Burnham is a 42 year old father and husband who serves as the story’s narrator. He becomes instantly attracted to his daughter’s best friend, and does the unthinkable to get her attention. What follows is a story of dream chasing self realisation.

2. One flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest

03d889a3c27ce747b4684b418b1f0fa5McMurphy, a man with a criminal past and several convictions, finds himself in jail once again. To escape prison labour duties, he acts mentally insane only to be transferred to a mental asylum. There he forms friendships and acts as the leader in overthrowing the tyrant Nurse Ratched.

3. Forrest Gump

be83e279b33387c2cc2a6a9418352f76A simple-minded boy grows up in Alabama with his best friend, a beautiful girl named Jenny. By far not the most intelligent, Forrest Gump succeeds in life through a mixture of luck, destiny, and will. Although he has accomplished notable achievements, Forrest continues to long for the love of his childhood sweetheart Jenny.

4. The Pursuit of Happyness


An educated salesman named Christopher Gardner struggles financially after investing in a device that doesn’t reek profits. He loses his wife, his house, his bank account – everything, except his son. To save his future and the future of his child, Christopher pursues an epic career change against unrelenting circumstances.

5. Million Dollar Baby70331a10ce4c6241d42ca8508b9fb16f

Frankie Dunn is an experienced trainer with an unsettled relationship with his daughter. That’s when Maggie Fitzgerald, a waitress with a dysfunctional family, decides to make a difference through boxing. She convinces Frankie to train her, and they build a beautiful relationship in the process.

6. The Blind Side

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17 year old homeless Michael Oher is an African American youth with a broken family. With nowhere to go, he is adopted by a caring woman living in an upscale home with her husband and two children. She goes on to help Michael realise his academic and athletic potential, mold
ing him into one of the 2009 NFL Draft’s top prospects.

7. Life of Pief59f6bea94827bbb7b62c0c8e110a75

When Pi’s family’s zoo business fails, they embark on a sea voyage to Canada to start a new life, along with their animals. Along the journey, a devastating storm hits and sinks nearly all that Pi holds dear, leaving him as the only human survivor. However, a fearsome Bengal tiger has also found refuge on the lifeboat.

8. Love and Basketball


11 year old neighbours Quincy and Monica meet on the basketball court and instantly become rivals, both with dreams of playing in the pros. Their love-hate relationship continues into high school, where they put aside their differences and become lovers. As they mature and their individual lives get more hectic, they struggle to find the balance between love and basketball.