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2-0110 EASY Tricks to Lose Belly Fat In a Heartbeat!

Summer’s coming fast and it’s time to ask yourself: how do YOU want to look? More importantly, how do you want to FEEL? Staying slim, strong, and healthy not only lets you look good, but gives you the confidence to go about your daily life. With that said, these are the 10 easiest ways to shed fat and stay fit for spring and summer!

1. Stay away from the scale!

large (15)The biggest reason to stay away from the scale is because your weight doesn’t reflect your body composition. You can gain 10 pounds of muscle and lose 10 pounds of fat, but on the scale you’ll weigh the same.

The best way to self reflect on your progress is to look in the mirror and ask yourself: How do I look? Even more importantly, how do I feel? Another simple way to track progress is to take progress pictures on a regular basis and compare you right now to you in the past.

2. Train with heavy weights as often as you can

large (16)The more weight you lift, the more force you are exerting. The more force you exert, the more calories you burn. The more calories you burn, the more weight you lose! Moreover, most of the exercises that you can lift heavy amounts on will be composite exercises, which means you are training multiple muscle body parts at the same time.

3. Do high intensity interval training with little rest

large (17)Little rest between sets ensures that your heart rate will stay high between exercises. For example, you can use your watch to keep track of the amount of time you are resting. Doing so puts your body in a rhythm. You can almost think of these types of workouts as quick cardio workouts, but with a much higher intensity.

4. Eat the RIGHT fats.

large (19)That’s right. You heard it. Eating fat can help you lose weight. Of course, this is dependent on the type of fat that you consume. While consuming fats from fish, nuts, and certain types of oil can help you lose weight, going out to McDonald’s and eating Big Macs will only make you fatter. Nonetheless, binge eating almonds on movie night won’t help you either.

5. Reduce your daily carbohydrate intake

large (18)Carbohydrates such as rice and bread may fill you up, but so can other foods. To lose weight, most of your carbohydrates should come from vegetables and healthy brown rice or whole wheat bread.

Another good way to control carbohydrate intake is to consume most, if not all of it during the morning and lunch time. This way, you have the rest of the day to burn off all the energy that carbohydrates give you!

6. Eat more meat and proteins!

large (20)Consuming more protein boosts your metabolism. Actually, your body burns more calories while digesting proteins than fats or carbohydrates. Thinking about it this way will make it easier: protein builds muscle, everything else builds fat!

7. Eat MORE meals, but in smaller portions

large (21)Eating smaller portions gives your body enough time to digest your meals. Moreover, you won’t be stressing your body to do too much work by overeating. Not eating for a long period of time is also harmful, since this puts your body into a ‘starvation’ mode, which means that you’re burning muscles to use for energy instead of fat.

8. Drink WATER

large (22)Drink a lot of water. In other words, avoid sugary drinks like sodas and even juices. Next time you shop for drinks at a supermarket, take a look at the sugar contents before making your choice. Fat or saturated fat can put extra weight on your body, but so can unnecessary sugars. Follow this rule: don’t drink water to satisfy your thirst, drink water to never be thirsty.

9. Sleep well at night

large (23)Sleeping well is a key part of every healthy lifestyle. In other words, it’s impossible to live healthy and happy if you’re running on a couple hours of sleep a day. Some benefits include: improved memory, longer lifespan, better sex life, a clear train of thought, as well as better mood and weight control. So to sum it up, sleep is VERY VERY important, and you should get a minimum 7 hours a day if you are actively engaged in physical activity.

10. Be consistent and patient

large (24)One of the biggest problems that people have is their consistency. To be more specific, people workout for a couple of weeks or even a month expecting significant progress, don’t see it, and never touch a weight ever again. The truth is, it may take more than even a month for your body to adjust to your new habits, and thus your progress may be delayed. The key is to stay consistent with your new healthy lifestyle, be patient, and believe in the work you put in at the gym.