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Minimalist but still different? Try those 6 Nail Art Trends and your fingertips will be about to be super trendy!

Nail art is famous for being difficult to do at home. But for those styles you just need tape and nail polish. Now get painting!


1. Painter Nails

Nail Art Trends Painter Nails

Reveal your inner artistic skills! Just a simple brush stroke on your nails and the result can be truly amazing. 

You should definitely go for the “Painter Nails” style.


2. Black Lines

Nail Art Trends Black Lines

Simple Black Lines are a really good options if you want to keep it simple!


3. Gold Details

Nail Art Trends Gold Details

Going out tonight? Elegant with a minimal touch, nothing is better than this Gold Line on the centre of your nails.


4. Vertical Silver

Nail Art Trends Vertical Silver

Natural and discrete like you? This Nail Art is made for you!


5. Black & White Pier Mondrian’s

Nail Art Trends Pier Mondrian'

Inspired from Pier Mondrian’s most famous painting, this Nail Art Trends will be soon on the nails of each it-girl!


6. Green Manucure

Nail Art Trends Green Manucure

French manicure with unconventional colors. Break the rules, girls!

French manicure no longer need to be in white. Go for green, purple or electric blue for a unique look.