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bookBest Books to read while getting tan at the beach

Holidays are arriving and that means bundles of time to work on the perfect tan. If you need some entertainment while you lay for hours in the sun, why not grab a book? These 6 Best Books will keep you flipping pages until your tan is beyond perfect!


Books to tan


Fangirl is based on an introverted teenage girl Cath, attending her first year in college. Her dad is bipolar and her twin sister is rapidly developing a drinking problem. On top of that she is falling in love with her roommate’s ex-boyfriend. Everything perfect to start a good story.


Books to tan

Looking for Alaska by JOHN GREEN.

Miles Halter is tired of his boring life and decides to attend a boarding school in hope of finding something more. There he meets Alaska Young, a beautiful and emotionally unstable girl, who hesitates to return the feelings that Miles develops for her.


Books to tan

Beautiful Ruins by JESS WALTER.

This story is about a young Italian innkeeper who provides hospitality to a beautiful American actress. What follows is a deep, dazzling, whirlwind of events spanning 50 years about flawed yet fascinating people, clinging on to their improbable dreams.


Books to tan

Eleanor & Park by RAINBOW ROWELL.

This is a story of two star-crossed misfits that learn that they have a lot more in common than meets the eye. Eleanor & Park follows dual narratives. With Eleanor, a chubby tomboyish caucasian girl with red hair, and half-korean Park. They meet for the first time on a school bus and connect through comic books and mixtapes.


Books to tan

Anna and the French Kiss by STEPHANIE PERKINS.

Anna Ophilant is a senior in high school forced to leave Atlanta to attend boarding school in Paris. She’s depressed in leaving behind her best friend, a great job, and her long-time crush. Luckily, at her new school, Anna has no trouble developing friendships and the want for something more.


Books to tan

The Fault in Our Stars by JOHN GREEN.

Hazel Grace Lancaster is a 16-year old girl with thyroid cancer. She is forced by her parents to attend a support group full of kids with cancer. There, she meets 17-year old Augustus Waters, an ex-basketball player and amputee. Gradually, they fall in love and share memories that will last an eternity.