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fbDiscover 7 Trendy London Fashion Brands

London is the place to discover new designer during fashion weeks but also in its daily life. There is so many Fashion Schools in the area that many new talents stay there to start their own brand. Today, there are many High Street Fashion Labels that originated in London, and we select the 7 London Fashion Brands which reflects the most the London Style.

1. Miss Selfridge

Miss Selfridge London Fashion Brands

Miss Selfridge began as the young fashion section in London’s Selfridges department store in 1966. Today, you can find both casual and designer clothing of various fabrics and prints, some more expensive than others. Miss Selfridge will have something for every occasion.

2.Twist X Turn

London Fashion Brands Twist X Turn
Although a relatively new brand, Twist X Turn has found its home at TOPSHOP London Oxford Circus, and regularly sells as the top concession brand. With a focus on unique, timeless, high street fashion, Twist X Turn offers quality at an affordable price.

3. Monsoon

London Fashion Brands Monsoon
Looking for something quirky? Yes? Then Monsoon’s collection of vintage-based apparel will be perfect for you. Monsoon takes inspiration from the Middle East while mix-and-matching prints and sourcing fabrics from India and Afghanistan. There are tons of unique pieces to check out here.

4. Warehouse

London Fashion Brands Warehouse
At Warehouse you will find cute, well-tailored, and stylish pieces to help you build that cool yet effortless look. Warehouse will show you the ‘art’ of clothing with its many designs and affordable prices.

5. Motel

London Fashion Brands Motel

Going to a music festival? Motel offers bold, print-happy music festive gear. Available in all sizes and fairly cheap in comparison with the other brands on this list.

6. Oasis

Oasis London Fashion BrandsThink of Oasis as the more mature older sister to Warehouse. Shop well-designed and extremely detailed pieces that are viable for more than just one occasion. Oasis is a world of pretty prints, bright colours and beautiful accessories. Even Duchess Kate shops here!!

7. Dorothy Perkins

London Fashion Brands Dorothy Perkins

When Dorothy Perkins opened up in 1919, the brand caused quite a stir with their five-shilling blouses. Nowadays, Dorothy Perkins runs nearly 600 stores in UK alone and looks to provide affordable and up-to-style fashion for all kinds of tastes and lifestyles.