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Top 7 Essential clothing pieces to have in your wardrobe

The basics that every girls should have! We always need some clothing pieces that match with any other clothes or accessorises. For us, the Essential clothing should be well-cut, good quality and simple but elegant pieces.



essential clothing

1. A good quality coat is a must have. No matter how cold the next London winter will be, you know you will be nice and warm.

            – Wool cashmere coat by acne studio..


2. You need one top you can wear night or day, to work or to meet your friends in.

            – Transparent Ruffles Top by twistxturn


3. A black leather skirt adds an edge to your wardrobe.

            – Studded textured-leather mini skirt by mcqalexandermcqueen


4. Simple, yet distinguished design is what you have to look for in sunglasses.

            – Dior Technologic by dior


5. You also need a signature scent that defines the stylish person you are.

            – Florabellio Eau de Toilette by diptyque


6. A fashionable clutch can be worn both during the day or night.

            –  Marble print clutch by balenciaga


7. It is also a must to have a pair of statement boots to show your fine taste.

            – Tabi boots by maisonmartinmargiela