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At Twist X Turn, we believe in style and fashion. We always keep fashion and style as the end goal of each piece we create. We want that our piece last in your wardrobe for an endless period. Focusing the design on style always keeping in mind fashion trends, that’s our mantra. But the difference between those two concepts is so thin that it can be a real debate!


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Style is more subjective than Fashion, it reflects to a whole behavior, outfit and also lifestyle of a person. Style is a strong personality which reflects a personality through an outfit. Style has some rules to not fall in the “too much” side, it needs to keep consistent to all the period. Style has this classical side that permits its to span decades. For style to succeed, it needs to belong in the present moment. It needs a little help from fashion.







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Fashion is ruled by trends created by the most powerful fashion designers. Even since a few years, it tends to come more and more from the streets. Fashion is about the rendering of different clothes which match together and follows the last fashion trends (as putting a foulard on the handles of your Nano Luggage Celine). It is seen as fickle and superficial from many people, but Fashion actually matters. Because it shows our outside part which directly reflect to our personality. Fashion helps people to have new rules and to not be dressed as their grandparents. It empowers us to adapt and refresh, to evolve and move on, in everything from the proportions and patterns of our clothes to the cuts and constructions.

Oscar de la Renta said” Fashion is about dressing according to what’s fashionable. Style is more about being yourself”




Fashion is trendy

Fashion is referring to a period of time, usually it is a season as the rolling of fashion weeks. Some fashions last longer as in occident, the slim and skinny jeans which appears since 2006 (yes…10 years ago!)

At the opposite, style is timeless, it is an authentic concept which is ruled by a balance between the originality, the well-being and the personality of the person. There is some periods where a style becomes a fashion trends (60’s with boho and hippie became a trend). This shows how both are linked.


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Fashion and style are distinctive concepts but there are far more interconnected than most of people think. Fashion without style can be reckless. Style without fashion can be irrelevant. For a woman to dress well and look his very best, she needs to embrace not one or the other but both.