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LVMH Prize Finalists

Only in it’s third year, LVMH Prize has already become one of the most prestigious young designer awards. It provides a strong list of past winners like Thomas Tait and Marques Almeida. The final will take place June 16th at the Louis Vuitton Foundation.

These are our favourites from 2016 LVMH Prize Finalists:


Y Project LVMH Prize Finalists

Y / Project

Glenn Martens’ arrival as the creative director has revived the brand since 2013 with his subculture and era influences. This Parisian brand has, ever since, been creating collections that challenges gender boundary with its versatile designs.


Grace Wales Bonner LVMH Prize Finalists

Wales Bonner

An English-Jamaican designer based in London. Grace Wales Bonner’s exquisitely  poetic designs have put her to the top of menswear newcomer list.



Facetasm LVMH Prize Finalists


From Tokyo, Hiromichi Ochiai launched his brand Facetasm in 2007. “We aim to make clothes that moves people’s hearts” was his motto.


Vejas LVMH Prize Finalists


When genderless comes into play in 2016, Vejas was one of the pioneers. Vejas Kruszewski, 18 years-old, has just newly graduated from high school. He is a self-taught fashion designer who is here to conquer the fashion world with his complex cuts and futuristic designs.