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A Music Festival can be a pain when you’re not well prepared.

This list will help you get ready for all the festivals this Summer.


Bring to Music Festival

  1. Fanny Pack

Keep your valuables close to yourself. Fanny packs are not always unfashionable.

Bring to Music Festival


  1. Dry Shampoo

Who says your hair has to look horrible the whole time at the festival. Use dry shampoo to keep it from going greasy. Plus, dry shampoo actually gives your hair a bit of a boost, too.

Bring to Music Festival


  1. Shower wipes

No one wants to use the communal showers and toilets. If you are really desperate. Try Power Shower wipes. They fresh and smell good the whole day.

Bring to Music Festival

  1. Portable phone charger

This item is very crucial to your social media existence. Don’t wanna miss out on snapchatting all the good bands? Well, don’t forget your portable charger!

Bring to Music Festival

  1. Waterproof Phone Case

Beer spills, accidentally dropping your phone into a puddle or impromptu shower? Try Lifeproof cases for maximum water protection.

Bring to Music Festival

  1. Foldable Water Bottles

With these folded bottles, you can fill up water anywhere and anytime. No need to take 20 minutes lining up to buy water anymore.


Bring to Music Festival

  1. Sunscreen Stick

Easy application + portable = convenient


Bring to Music Festival

  1. Don’t go dance or drink on empty stomach. Maximize your fun by having these tiny bars in your bag just in case.