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10 Excuses For Your New Minimal Tattoos

1. You don’t have a quote yet, but you’re ready for your first ink.


Minimal Tattoos



2. You are very optimistic and you need a reminder of that.


Rainbow Tattoo



3. You need love in your life.


Heart Tattoo



4. You want a bracelet that you don’t have to take off when you shower.


Wrist Tattoo



5. You a graphic designer and Golden Ratio is the key to your success.


Graphic Tattoo



6. You just really “don’t know what”.


French Quote Tattoo



7. You and your boyfriend can’t afford a diamond ring yet.


Ring Tattoo



8. You don’t want to get lost.


Map Tattoo



9. You want to get something your grandma would love.





10. You think global warming is coming to get us.

Tree Tattoo