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Fashion bloggers in Jeans on Jeans, head to toe white, and bomber jacket. Just to name a few.

Nothing but White.

If you think white is boring, you are totally wrong! Pick a white lingerie slip dress to show some skin like Rumi wouldn’t hurt anyone, or Veronika who went for a full option.


Rumi Neely Fashion Bloggers
Rumi Neely

Kristina Bazan
Kristina Bazan

Veronika Heilbrunner (Style Editor)

Jeans on Jeans, anyone?

It might sounds like a no-no at first but if it’s done right you’d be surprise of the result. Take Alina and
Alexandra for a good examples on how to pull it off.

Alexandra Elizabeth (Model)

Alina Gelzina (Stylist)

Alina Gelzina
Linda Tol 

Take a walk on the bright side.

Denni Elias, Yu Yu and Chiara Ferragni are opt for a brighter side. From a hint of electric blue to a very yellowish neon jacket.

Denni eliasDenni elias
Denni Elias 

yu yuyu yu
Yu Yu 

chiara ferragnichiara
Chiara Ferragni 

Bomber Jacket Bae

Like everything else 90’s, bomber jackets are making its way back this year.

Chiara Ferragni
Guerain Alexandra 

Guerain Alexandra
Edie Campbell (Model)

Edie Campbell
Irina Lakicevic