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University life is 50% study and 50% party so it seems important to know in which UK University nightlife is the more exciting! From our personal knowledge and different rankings you can find online, we give you our TOP 10.


1. University of Leeds

UK University Leeds

University of Leeds or the UK University that never sleeps. If you want different style of bars, you should go to Call Lane. For a cheap night go to Pryzm, which is the host of the famous student event, Voodoo.


2. University of Manchester

UK University Manchester

For students who like a good night out, University of Manchester is the place to be. Check out Soup Kitchen, Band On the Wall and The Roadhouse for new independent acts, while big names often appear at the O2 Apollo and Albert Hall.


3. Newcastle University


Newcastle has been voted the 10th top city in the world for nightlife, according to TripAdvisor. The city costs very little for nightlife and transportation. You can experience all the style of bars when you are a student at New Castle University.


4. University of the Arts London

UK University UAL

If you are at UAL, you will go to hip places like the Old Blue Last or Cargo. Think craft beer and bearded hipsters. That’s how they roll this this UK University!


5. Queen’s University Belfast

UK University Queen's Belfast

Queen’s University is famous for its huge number of nightclubs all around such as the Electric Playground, Laverys or Mega. There is a special place to hang out each day!


6. University of Westminster

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If you are studying art at University of Westminster, you probably won’t get that much action because your campus is super far. But if you’re doing Business courses, you are right in the center of London. Our options varied from high-end clubs like Jalouse or DSTRKT to massive house clubs like Ministry ofSound.


7. Glasgow Caledonian University

UK University Glasgow Caledonian

The city boasts an extremely diverse nightlife and has over 700 pubs to choose from. Ashton Lane, a cobbled street lined with bars, pubs, restaurants and cinemas. There is free live music are popular nightclubs for student. Many students from Glasgow University perform in bars around the area and particularly at the Howling Wolf.


8. University of Liverpool

UK University Liverpool

Concert Square is your best bet for students from University of Liverpool but more interesting clubs like Brooklyn Mixer, Aloha, Mojo and the Kaz are great for an alternative old school feel. Liverpool as also gives you glamorous night out at the Newz Bar on Water Street, the favourite of local TV stars and football players.


9. London School of Economics and Political Sciences

UK University LSE

Surprisingly, LSE is well positioned on the Beerometer, you won’t have problems finding a place to party if you study there thanks to its location: Central London. London isn’t known for it’s cheap beer and free entry to nightclubs but when you get to know the city you can always find cheaper place to hang out.


10. University College London

UK University College London

For students wanting a cheap drink, The Court on Tottenham Court Road is a popular place. Most of UCL students are going to the Loop, just off Oxford Street.