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Hail to Alexander McQueen, the King of intriguing (and sometime a bit disturbing) shows.

Alexander McQueen

He embraced his weird artistic side and put it all into his work. Here is the list of his most remarkable shows throughout his life in the industry.

1.”Voss” Spring/Summer 2001

Alexander McQueen Show

15 years ago McQueen awed the audience with his Joel-Peter Witkin’s Sanitarium inspired S/S show where a masked woman’s breathing tube runs right into a monkey hanging from the wall. He described it as “Poetic” and that it relates to his work.


2.”Eshu”Autumn/Winter 2000

Alexander McQueen Show

Alexander McQueen was inspired by the Yoruba people in West Africa, this collection was truly unusual yet beautiful but the most disturbing part of this show is purely for the model mouthpiece, no offense.


3. “La Poupee” Spring/Summer 1997

Alexander McQueen Show

One of his earliest show where he had models walking on a cement catwalk where it flooded with water. We wouldn’t call it disturbing but hey, as if walking on high heels alone wasn’t hard enough!


4. “Joan”Autumn/Winter 1998

Alexander McQueen Show
Well, he gave you a flooded catwalk in SS97 show so how about some fire and a model in red gown looking like she was burning. Inspired by Joan of Arc, this was a classic McQueen show.


5. “What a Merry-go-Round” Autumn/Winter 2001

Alexander McQueen Show
Fancy a carousel ride? in McQueen kind of way though. Featuring a bunch of horrific crown-painted face models and well, a golden corpse lying around. This will give your children a nightmare, only if they ever let you bring kids to his shows.