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3 Bars you need to go on St Patrick’s Day

1. Auld Shillelagh


Auld Shillelagh Bars

At Auld Shillelagh, expect a huge party on St Paddy’s day with a crowd of older dapper gents,
hipsters and regulars getting on down to live music, food laid on for the punters and a truly
unique evening.



2. Waxy O’Connor’s


Waxy O'Connor's Bars

Come to Waxy O’ Connor’s London for a sea of Guinness, a sing along live music act and good
old pub crowd noise. The parade will be held pretty close to this pub, that makes it a perfect



3. The Toucan


The Toucan

What is better than a spectacular collection of Irish whiskey and a fine list of delicious
Guinness-inspired cocktails to choose from. The Toucan is the place to come if you want to
combine drinking, dancing, revelry and a bite to eat.