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Travelling for a week-end when you had a hard working week is the best! You can get a change of air, clear your head for daily problems and discover new cities all around Europe. But when the time to pack arrives, it is always a dilemma between which kind of shoes you will bring, your coat or your jacket, which cosmetics products you don’t need..

pack luggage week end

Here is some tips that you need to keep in mind:

  • when you choose clothes from your wardrobe, you have to think why which clothes it will match and for which occasion you will wear it. This is avoid you to lost room with your favourite pieces, the ones that you take with you everywhere but you never wear.
  • take a look at the weather forecasting, it will spare you taking an useless coat or swimwear. And it will also help you to find which weather’s day is more appropriate for which activity you planned.
  • put your cosmetics product in smaller container like face foam or shampooing. Often it is what weight the most in a luggage.
  • about shoes, always favour the more basic pair you have and most important, take a comfortable one.
  • keep a room for souvenirs you will bring back home. It is always nice to have object or clothing that remembers you a travel.


We set up a list of the essentials to pack for a week-end :


  • A white batwing top : to go to the restaurant
  • A black leather perfecto : to match with every outfits
  • A beige pull over : to not catch a cold
  • A linen grey tee-shirt : to be comfortable with
  • A pair of black skinny jeans : to wear day and night
  • A pair of trainers : to visit the city
  • A pair of heels : to hang out the evening



  • A pair of sunglasses : for sunny days
  • A fedora : to stay stylish whatever the city
  • A pair of headphones : to dream during travel hours
  • A camera : to bring back memories
  • A pair of hearing : to place on buttons holes to order it
  • A beauty case : where you put small cosmetics containers
  • A perfume : securely tidied in your socks

Now your luggage is almost ready for your next trip, you just have to find the destination!