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Internet is revolutionising the Fashion Week system through online magazine, social media exposure and online shopping…


1. Unusual Events Series


Firstly, there is in question some unusual events that happened during this last fashion week:


fashion week out of date


– A number of designers including Rebecca Minkoff, Michael Kors and Lela Rose offered shoppers the chance to purchase some or all of their favourite pieces immediately following their romp down the catwalk.

– During last September, Misha Nonoo’s didn’t present her collection with a traditional fashion catwalk but with a “Insta- show” that pieced together in 170-plus Instagram posts a look book that anyone could scroll through by turning a mobile device horizontally.

– In the same month, Givenchy set aside hundreds of tickets for the public that were distributed online days before the show and had a separate viewing area for these spectators away from media and celebrity guests.




2. Reversal Trends


fashion week out of date


There are also others trend which influence the fashion week durability:

– The shoppers who are exposed more and more to snapshots of these shows in real time on social media don’t want to wait to buy them anymore.

-Fast-fashion brands have been known to copy runway trends and rush them to stores at more affordable prices long before designers’ pieces are available

– Online shopping facilitate the life of fashionistas and they are becoming more exigent regarding the availability of products. Those elements implement an atmosphere of change in the Fashion Week system.





3. History of Fashion Week


fashion week out of date



Historically, Fashion Weeks were the period when designers showed their future collection to the world.

For example, New York Fashion Week’s September shows preview trends for the next spring and summer; the February events showcase looks for the following fall and winter.

These 6 months ahead were essential for buyers to plan their store inventories for upcoming seasons and for media to map out story ideas and photo spreads in advance.






4. Fashion Week unfits with Digital World


fashion week out of date



All this long process is no more adequate for customers. They need to wait a half year to find those clothes in store. The huge social media exposure from celebrities first row and brands itself of the fashion shows create buzzes and excitement of fashionistas regarding these last collection must-have.

Following the trends of “See it, Buy it” of the online world, they want to buy it immediately. Fashion shows are starting to be accessible for everyone through social medias as Victoria Secret live streaming show.





5. Collection’s Process


fashion week out of date


Fashion weeks are really important because they are the guidelines and sources of inspirations for designers of fast fashion and ready-to- wear brands.

To actually launch a collection in a store there is a whole processing:

-Inspirational board and drawing of designers, fabric research and sampling creation, presentation of the collection to wholesalers/retailers for concession brand, register ordering from those clients, produce the clothes regarding the quantity ordered, start promotion for customers while ship clothes to store location…

This is why some of the designers are totally against a change in Fashion Week system, they say it will focus the fashion industry on sales and kill their creativity.




6. A New Issue


fashion week out of date


The Council of Fashion Designers of America announced that they create an in-depth analysis and road map for the future of fashion shows.

Designers, retailers and editors have been questioning the relevance of Fashion Week in its current format for some time.

If Fashion Week does end up shifting to a more shopper-focused structure, it will be just the latest example of designers rethinking their business approaches to make them more consumer centric in hopes of boosting profits.